Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Split #3

Name: Gnod / White Hills‎
Album: Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II
Year: 2010
Label: Rocket Records
Links: Gnod Bandcamp Rocket Recordings Bandcamp

2015 re-pressing of 500 copies

I'm not a big fan of GNOD at all! I guess that's not the start of this weeks Split #3 post you were looking for but there is White Hills to throw into the mix as well. This weeks split is not really a split but a collaboration between two bands. They both went into the studio (not necessarily together!) and bashed out a stunning album called  GNOD Drop Out With White Hills II.

This album has been on my want list for sometime and I managed to nab myself a copy in January. It is a double containing 8 songs. Each one brilliant in a different way from the next. I don't know what it is about Gnod on their own that doesn't appeal to me, but the blend of both these bands together gives for a very balanced album.


The opening track on the albums is ‘Run-A-Round’, which is a fluid Motorik drive with calming vocals from Dave W (from White Hills). There is a fan made clip on YouTube where somebody has sound-tracked their rainy nighttime journey down a motorway with the musical soundscape of ‘Run-A-Round’in the background. It is strangely fitting, and to my mind at least, very Gnod. Pun intended!

Title Track - Drop Out

The beautiful artwork on the sleeve is done by Johnny O Rocket. He has also done other artwork for both these bands along with The Heads, Acid Mothers Temple, Mudhoney, Serpentina Satelite and many more.

 This Pink sleeve version is a repress. The original sleeve was without the pink art added. The first pink re-press was in 2013 with pink vinyl. The pink copy I have is a 2015 re-press on white vinyl limited to 500. There was also a  2011 yellow version of the pink style on yellow translucent vinyl. Get whatever copy you can cause they are hard to come by!!

Full Album

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