Friday, 3 March 2017

Vinyl Friday

Name: The Myrrors
Origin: Tucson, Arizona, US
Album: Entranced Earth
Year: 2016
Links: Bandcamp
Label: Beyond, Beyond Is Beyond Records

Limited to 450 copies on "charred copper" vinyl

As promised on my last post on the split, Vinyl Friday's post this week is by The Myrrors. They are a modern day psychedelic band. Their music is trippy, dreamy psychedelia with excellent fuzz guitars and a host of other instruments in the mix. It also has a native American vibe to it as well, which gives it an overall mystical sound. I suppose the fact that they are from the desert of Arizona, it inspires them to have this kinda open wide expansive sound. If you look at their album artwork, it always has these sandy, brown orange colours that you would also associate with the desert. Another feature you will always hear on a Myrrors album is the sound of crickets at night time which also gives a feel of hot humid nights in the desert.  

The Myrrors - Liberty Is In The Streets

Entranced Earth according to Discogs, is their third album, although I would include Solar Collector as a full length rather than an EP. If you think this album is to your taste, the other two albums are also excellent (Arena Negra and especially Burning Circles In The Sky) I'm sure Burning Circles In The Sky will be posted sometime soon as it is magnificent. To give you some idea, it has been reissued a number of times due to it's popularity.

The Myrrors - Entranced Earth

Limited to 450 copies on "charred copper" vinyl. Also comes in black vinyl (Not sure of the quantities). I believe their is a new album due this year also. They are quite a prolific band with a number of releases every year. All killer and no filler which is music to my ears!!

Full Album


  1. A fantastic album. Beyond, Beyond Is Beyond Records posted only today that a new Myrrors LP is on the way this year. I'll try to be quick off the mark to bag a physical copy of that one when it comes.

    1. I know the guys at a lot of these labels so I always get the early nod for releases!!BBIS also announced yesterday that they are doing a repress of "Forest of Lost Children" by Kikagaku Moyo. You might be interested in that!

    2. I received another BBIB album last week which is pretty cool. Sunday's & Cybele's latest Lp. Might post next week.

  2. I spotted the news about the Kikagaku Moyo repress - very tempting! I don't actually own any physical Beyond Beyond Is Beyond releases yet, not even the Our Solar System LP which was one of my favourites albums of last year. So much music, so little time....and money!

    1. I haven't given that Our Solar System LP enough of a listen yet. Maybe I should! Postage can be a pain from the US but most of the BBIB releases are great. Another I'm really looking forward to is a 'Heaters' album to be released this year. Last years album Baptistina was in my top 3.