Friday, 10 March 2017

Vinyl Friday

Name: Causa Sui
Origin: Denmark
Album: Return To Sky
Year: 2016
Links: El Paraiso Records Website
Label: El Paraiso Records

Causa Sui - Return to Sky 'First Edition'

Another week has flown by, which means only one thing. It's Vinyl Friday once again!! We are back in Europe again this week with a band from Denmark. The album in question is 'Return To Sky'. The album itself was released last year. For some reason it bypassed me until this year. This is my most played album by a mile this year. It is so addictive! I can't stop playing it, and never tire of it. The band consists of 4 members and when listening to them, they sound like such a tight unit. All members willing each other on throughout.

Causa Sui - Dust Meridian

El Paraiso is run by Jonas Munk & Jakob Skøtt in Denmark. Both these are members of this band but there are many bands on the label as well. Another one of my favorite bands on this label is Papir. If you get a chance, check them out. Who knows, they might even feature in an up and coming post!

One of the cool things about this label is, all the artwork for all the albums released by all the bands is done by Jakob Skøtt himself. Another good reason to collect from this label with each album being a work of art (besides the music, that is!)

Causa Sui - Mondo Buzzo

No fancy editions on this album, just straight black vinyl. Although it has a sticker on the front saying 'First Edition'. I'm afraid the vinyl version has sold out only recently so if your looking for a copy Discogs I'm sure have a few on sale.

A couple of weeks ago a preorder went up for the release of a Live boxset which includes a 3 lp and limited 10". I thought about it for a while, trying to hold off! it was a lot of money for a single release. In the end I couldn't resist. My will power is rubbish! You only live once, right?? Just as well I suppose as they sold out in extra quick time. That's the thing about a lot of the psych bands. they are pressed in such small quantities that if you don't buy from the preorder, you run the risk of selling out very quickly. The live boxset is due in the middle of March. 

Full Album


  1. I got this one quite soon after its release last year - a terrific album. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the live box when you lay your hands on it. Papir are a new name to me though - I'm off to check them out now.

  2. Can't wait for the box set. Should get it next week. I also have the Pew'tr sessions 1 & 2