Friday, 18 August 2017

Vinyl Friday

Name: Kikagaku Moyo
Origin: Japan
Album: Stone Garden
Year: 2017
Links: Bandcamp
Label: Guruguru Brain

Vinyl Fridays slab comes from a band I named as my album of the year last year. Japans Kikagaku Moyo have released an EP titled Stone Garden. As always this band don't disappoint. This EP took 4 months in getting here. The band had a major problem distributing 500 of the 1500 records. The band went on tour in the US and left a Czech  distributing company to post the records out. The records went missing and turned up in Holland 4 months later. As a result of this I got to know 2 members of the band. The bands record label Gurugurubrain hung in the balance for a few months because of the fuck up. Thankfully the mess was sorted and we can look forward to other amazing releases by the label.

In my frustration of not thinking this record would ever arrive I bought another. Murphy's law was at work again and both records arrived the following week! Luckily for me I had no problem passing on the spare copy to a good home.

I stumbled across these two YouTube clips of a couple of members of the bands going through the set up of their guitars which are well work a look. If only I knew how to play guitar I'd be all over those pedals!


  1. I have to admit that I'm finding the EP a little anti-climatic after the glorious 'House in the Tall Grass', but the problem is probably down to me - i'll stick with it!
    I'm still really digging Kungens Män from last week!

    1. I got the new Kungens last week. Even better again. Next weeks post maybe!!