Friday, 7 July 2017

A Vinyl Friday, Split Double

Name: The Radiation Flowers/Hawkeyes
Origin: Saskatchewan / Kitchner, Canada
Album: Summer Loop / Split
Year: 2017
Links: Cardinal Fuzz Bigcartel Radiation Flowers Bandcamp
Label: Cardinal Fuzz & Sunmask

Limited to 350 Copies on Blue Vinyl

Continuing from where we left off with the last post, this weeks post is all about connections and links between bands. The previous post was from Canadian band Shooting Guns which leads to this weeks post from a band called The Radiation Flowers. The connection between these two bands is Christopher Laramee, he being a member in both bands. 

The Radiation Flowers were previously known as Powder Blue which was lead by Shelby Gaudet (who is in fact Mrs Laramee) They did a bit of a reshuffle and brought in Chris and changed their name. They have since recorded a couple of albums. The one I'm posting today is called Summer Loop. This came out last year on a limited CDR. I'm glad to say it has just been released on vinyl this very week. There  are in fact a few subtle differences between both. Firstly, there is a reshuffle with tracklisting and an extra new song added to allow for the vinyl two sides issue. The mix is a little different in a number of songs, some with added organ.

The album is released today so get over to their Bandcamp page and give the whole album a listen. The sound is completely different from Shooting Guns. There more of a Psychgaze feel about Rad Flow.

Summer Of Burnout is an Instrumental track which lets the band loose and jam away with a blissfully summertime tune. 


Walking Down The Street was originally the opening track on the CDR which came out last year.


Walking Reprise is an acoustic instrumental rework of Walking Down The Street. This is a wonderful song that reminds me of an outtake of a Radiohead song from The Bends.

This album is released on both Sunmask (CA) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK) Unfortunately Cardinal Fuzz has already sold out it's allotted number. 

Limited to 350 copies on light blue vinyl

This leads me on to my next connection! This weeks also sees the release of a split LP by both Hawkeyes and The Radiation Flowers. You may remember from a previous post I posted a split Lp by Shooting Guns and Hawkeyes. Well Chris has teamed up with Hawkeyes  to give us another fantastic untitled split. Both bands have upped their game on this split. It gives us some idea of how the bands have progressed from their previous release. I believe Hawkeyes have an album coming out in the near future. There are close connections between all the Canadian bands and I believe Chris has joined Hawkeyes on stage at a gig last year. It went down so well that he has been welcomed back anytime.

The Opening track 33 Floors Up is an instrumental 


The Second track is a cover "Never Fade" from Sun Dials 1992 album Reflecter

This again is released on through both Sunmask and Cardinal Fuzz. 350 copies were pressed, again this was snapped up very quickly and is sold out on Cardinal Fuzz. Sunmask don't have an official site but sell all their releases through Discogs from Canada. I believe they still have copies of both albums. 

Hawkeyes/Radiation Flowers Full Album


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