Monday, 27 March 2017

Vinyl Friday

Name: Hills
Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden.
Album: Alive at Roadburn
Year: 2017
Links: Rocket Records Bandcamp
Label: Rocket Records

Hills - Alive at Roadburn limited cream & beer transparent Vinyl

My apologies folks for the lack of posts in the last couple off weeks. It's been a bit hectic. The good news is, there has been plenty of in-comings since. The first of which is the latest Rocket Records release. The band in question is one of my favorite in the past few years. The band being Hills from Sweden. It's not intentional, but a lot of the music I like at the moment are Scandinavian. There seems to be hell of a lot of good music coming from there in the past few years.

Hills - Frigörande Musik

Hills have released 2 albums this year so far. The first being a repress of their brilliant debut album on Cardinal Fuzz at the start of the year. This current offering is 'Alive at Roadburn'. You can assume this is a live album that was recorded at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. This festival is a kind of mecca for Psych bands, many who have released live albums too.  

Hills - Och Solen Sänkte Sig Röd

Hills have released 6 albums, 3 of which are live recording so it is safe to assume that they are a quality live act. The songs on this album are loose versions of recorded songs on their other albums. Some might say the live versions are even better than the recorded ones!! The band get into a groove so much that you can hear a member say they had planned to play six tracks but can only fit four into their slot.

Full album

This is a double LP with one track on each side. The copy i have is the  limited edition colour vinyl, record 1 is solid cream and record 2 is transparent beer. When these went on preorder, they sold out in a couple of hours. I just had a look on their bandcamp page and there are 2 copies of black vinyl left. The sleeve was designed by Nik Rayne, he being the lead member of The Myrrors.

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