Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Split #4

Name: Shooting Guns/ Hawkeyes
Origon: Canada
Album: Brothers Of The Nod
Year: 2015
Label: Pre-Rock Records
Links: Shooting Guns Bandcamp, Hawkeyes Bandcamp

Brotherhood Of The Nod Limited to 60 copies on Blue vinyl

A number of weeks ago I posted an album by Canadian band Shooting Guns. Today I give you a split with fellow Canadians Hawkeyes. Both these bands follow in the same vain so if you liked the initial post, then this is for you. Both these bands are heading a big psych scene in Canada along with 'The Band Who's Name Is A Symbol, Moths & Locusts, Betrayers, Backhomes and The Radiation Flowers to name but a few. In fact Hawkeyes and The Radiation Flowers have a split due for release anytime now.

Shooting Guns - Mega Volcano

This split sees both bands include 3 tracks each with side A blasting out tunes by Shooting Guns.  More people would be familiar with Shooting Guns having released quite a few albums whereas Hawkeyes have only released their debut called Poison Slows You Down. I believe they have an album along with the split due for release this year.

Hawkeyes - Hotter Than Ten Hundred Suns

This split has had a number of reissues due to it's popularity. My blue version is limited to 60. Apparently this version was meant to have an orange swirl in the blue but mine doesn't seem to have any. Guess that makes mine ultra rare! 

Full Album


  1. I continue to be impressed by Shooting Guns.

  2. A little bird tells me there will be a few releases by Shooting Guns this year. Try The Switching Yard too. Shooting Guns with vocals.