Friday, 31 March 2017

Vinyl Friday

Name: The Orange Revival
Origin: Sweden
Album: Futurecent

Year: 2015
Links: Fuzz Club Records
Label: Fuzz Club Records

Limited to 500 copies on 180g orange vinyl

The weekend is nearly upon us which means one thing, it's time for your weekly Vinyl Friday post. This week we won't be travelling anywhere which means that this weeks band is from Sweden!! I know, I know! At this stage I could change the name of the blog to 'Turn on Your Swedish Vinyl Player' I'm posting this particular one as it arrived in the post a number of days ago, along with their reissued debut album on Fuzz Club Records. This one is on sale so I said to myself, I'll kill two birds with one stone and buy both albums! 

The Orange Revival - Saturation

The band in question is The Orange Revival. If you like Spacemen 3 and The Brian Jonestown Massacre then you will love this. I first came across this band when I was recommended a split 7" by a member of The Radiation Flowers which had The Orange Revival on the flip side. Having liked a lot of what The Radiation Flowers were putting out, I thought I'd go for it. Needless to say, I was hooked on another Swedish band!

The Orange Revival - Lying in the Sand

The title of the album is Futurecent and has a banana on the sleeve which looks similar to a couple of famous album covers. Two of note being The Velvet Underground and The Dandy Warhols - Welcome to the Monkey House which looks very similar.

The Orange Revival - Carolyn

The version I have is the transparent orange vinyl limited to 500 copies. There is also a deluxe version on transparent blue vinyl limited to 100.  Their debut album Black Smoke Rising as I mentioned earlier was reissued last week which is also very good.

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