Saturday, 29 July 2017

Classic Album of the Day

Name: The Cult Of Dom Keller
Origin: Nottingham, UK
Album: Self Titled
Year: 2013
Links: Bandcamp
Label: Mannequin Records

The Cult Of Dom Keller - S/T

I'm not getting much of an opportunity of late to show you all these vinyl treats I have to show you. Today is an exception, so I thought I'd post something a little older than the new releases I've been posting of late. The album I'm posting is from 2013 which isn't that old but is a classic! This is the self titled debut album from The Cult of Dom Keller. This is probably one of the first psych records I really got into. It has a Shoegaze/Psych crossover which really hits the sweet spot with me!! It took me a long time to pick this copy up as they fetch a premium price now. This is a first press which is limited to 500 copies on Mannequin Records. They did a second press on blue vinyl that was pressed for the Austin Psych Fest a couple of months later.


The Cult of Dom Keller hail from Nottingham, England. They have released 3 albums, the second being The Second Bardo (Cardinal Fuzz) and the third being Goodbye To The Light (Fuzzclub Records) released only last year. I wasn't mad on this one. They changed their syle to a goth/psych crossover. That's not to mean that I don't like that kinda vibe. I just think bands like Sonic Jesus did a better jog of it. They also released a live album on Cardinal Fuzz this year showcasing tracks from the three albums live. I believe a new album is due before the end of the year, so keep posted.

Swamp Heron Blues

I was fortunate enough to see them play live and have a chat with the band a few years ago. Nice bunch of guys. Like most bands, live is where it's at, and this band thrives on stage. If you get a chance to see them, don't hesitate.

If you find yourself liking this band, Ryan Delgaudio has a solo project called Cathode Ray Eyes which have just released their second album.

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