Friday, 28 July 2017

Vinyl Friday

Name: Here Lies Man
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Album: Here Lies Man
Year: 2017
Links: Bandcamp
Label: Riding Easy Records

Second Press on Clear Vinyl with Purple Smoke

It's 2 months away from the Liverpool Psych Fest. This week, the days splits for the bands were announced. This generates a bit of excitement because you get a better picture of how the weekend is going to turn out. An album arrived through the post this week by 'Here Lies Man' and to my surprise they are playing at the fest. These are going to be high up on my list of must see bands.

When I Come to

Here Lies Man are a band from Los Angeles, California. They are on the same label, 'Riding Easy Records' as Shooting Guns who are no strangers to this blog! This album you see here before your eyes is their debut self titled album. The first thing that grabbed me was the sleeve. In a way it's a perfect fit as they're music is described as psychedelic afrobeat. Don't let that scare you off. They remind me of GOAT without the two banshees!!

You Ain't Goin' Nowhere.

This album is proving to be really popular, it was released in April this year and has had a number of represses already. Do yourself a favour, go out and grab a copy while you can!


  1. A band on your pages that I'm already aware of, which is rare! Although when I come to think about it, I discovered Here Lies Man via the Shooting Guns connection, a group introduced to me by your good self - so it all comes back to you in the end!

  2. Yeah, both on the same label. A lot of people seem to like Monolord as well. Can't say I've listened to them.