Friday, 20 January 2017

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

As I sit here writing this post to you I'm listening to The Brian Jonestown Massacre's brilliant album Spacegirl & Other Favourites so I thought I'd write a post while I'm at it!

Since I started buying vinyl again, there is one band that I can't get enough of. I had heard of the name before but always left them on the back burner in the hope that one day I might give them a go. Somebody must have been listening to me because they came to me in the form of a theme tune to Boardwalk Empire. I'm not one to sit down to a box set like a lot of people do these days but I gave this series a go and quite enjoyed it. What did stand out for me though was the theme tune. I instantly liked it and googled to see who it was. Low and behold, it was said band, "The Brian Jonestown Massacre". I went onto Youtube to locate the song 'Straight Up And Down' taken from their 1996 album Take it From The Man! I gave the whole album a listen and instantly fell in love with them.

Not long after I bought 3 albums from A Records. I was in look, as most of their back catalog had been reissued. Having said that, their back catalog  is ginormous! Where does one start with a band who releases nearly 2 albums every year for 20 years! I had to have Take it from the Man! I also bought 'Their Satanic Majesties Second Request'. I loved the take on the title of The Rolling Stones album, 'Their Santanic Majesties Request'. The third album I bought was 'Methodrone'. In the reviews it described the album as a Shoegaze classic! I thought to myself, yep that's for me!

Another stroke of luck around that time was they were on tour and they were heading to Dublin. Needless to say I purchased 2 tickets to see them straight way. I was blown away by them. Yeah, Anton Newcome throws the odd mickey fit. For me, it just added to the charm. I remember he started a song 3 times and had a strop with the rest of the band for not playing a particular song correctly!

I saw them for the second time last summer. They done an incredible 2-3 hour set. Not many bands doing that these days. They have a new album up for preorder at the moment. Best search behind the seats of the couch for a few quid for pay for that one!

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