Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Split #2

Name: The Myrrors / Centralstödet ‎
Album: Ljudkamrater
Year: 2017
Label: Cardinal Fuzz (UK), Sky Lantern Records (US)
Links: Cardinal Fuzz Bandcamp , Sky Lantern Bandcamp

Black & cream edition of 150 copies.

I wanted to do a vinyl Friday post on The Myrrors before I posted this split but I couldn't wait until next Friday before I posted something by them! Who knows, maybe I'll do both in the one week by posting them next Friday too! They are a band worthy of a double post. This was only released a number of weeks ago, so it is on heavy rotation at the moment. When buying this split I knew The Myrrors but only heard of Centralstödet so it was a good opportunity to get a first impression of what they sounded like. What I did know about them was they are from Denmark. Yet another Scandinavian band in the long line of brilliant bands from that region. Unfortunately YouTube doesn't have any of the 3 tracks posted for this split, so here is something else to wet your appetite!

Centralstödet - Monokelklåda

Now back to The Myrrors! I can't rate these highly enough. Their sound is very much from the hot desert of Arizona.  I'm not going to go much into them as they will feature on Vinyl Friday soooon! One of the cool features of The Myrrors side is it has a locked groove at the end. For those of you who, like me, never heard of a locked groove, it is a continuous loop of music the length of one full rotation of the record. Normally a record has a silent groove at the end.To be honest I never even noticed it!

This split is a joint collaboration between two labels Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern Records (which is run by a member of The Myrrors) The Black and cream version I have here is limited to 150 copies. The black version is limited to 350. There are 3 tracks by Centralstödet and 2 by The Myrrors.

The Myrrors - Rayuela


  1. I'm familiar with The Myrrors, I have their excellent 'Entranced Earth' album, but Centralstödet are a new name to me. I like 'Monokelklåda' a lot and am now heading over to Bandcamp to check out the whole EP.

  2. You will be familiar with tomorrows post then! You need to delve into their previous albums, if you haven't already.

  3. I've streamed 'Ljudkamrater' several times over on Bandcamp, but frustratingly not only is it physically sold out, it's not available as a download either! Frustrating.
    Looking forward to Friday's post.