Friday, 24 February 2017

Vinyl Friday

Name: Lamagaia
Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden
Album: Self Titled
Year: 2017
Links: Bandcamp
Label: Sunrise Ocean Bender (US)/ Cardinal Fuzz (UK)

Lamagaia on pink & blue vinyl limited to 200

This week I've decided to do a post on a Swedish band as a big nod to 'The Swede'! I've no idea if he is indeed Swedish or not! That's not to take away from the huge amount of quality Psych Swedish bands out there at the moment. At this stage a lot of people may have heard of GOAT, others include Janitors, Les Big Byrd, The Orange Revival, Yuri Gagarin, Hills and  Centralstödet. I'll be talking about Centralstödet soon as they've just released a split with Myrrors which is excellent. I may even do a full series of Scandinavian bands as their are so many goods ones about at the minute. All these bands would have been hugely influenced by Träd, Gräs & Stenar, a Swedish band from the 70's.


Onward to this week! My pick for this week is Lamagaia who have just released their second self titled album on Cardinal Fuzz/Sunrise Ocean Bender. There are only 2 songs on this album, the first 'Aurora' clocks in at 16.41 minutes and on the flip side 'Paronama Vju' clocking in at 18.55. It's not unusual that psych bands record songs of such a length. Sometimes they can go up to 30 minutes. For a song to go on for that long it needs to be really, really good to hold your attention for that long.

Their debut album Lamagaius was self released in 2015. I believe it is getting a repress this year as only 300 were pressed and snapped up quite quickly. That I will be looking forward to.

Full Album

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