Friday, 27 January 2017

Vinyl Friday

Name: White Hills
Origin: New York USA
Album: No Game To Play
Year: 2003 (Reissue 2016)
Links: Bandcamp
Label: White Hills Music (Reissue 300 Mics)

Yes folks it's Friday, which means it's the beginning of the weekend. What better way to start the weekend than give my turntable a spin. Hopefully, every Friday I'll post a random album, tell you a bit about it and post a Youtube clip. Then it's up to you to tell me what you think. Hopefully you'll find something along the way to tickle your musical fancy! This topic shall be called "Vinyl Friday" forever more!

First up is an album called 'No Game to Play' by White Hills who are a Psych band hailing from New York. This slab of colored vinyl is limited to 200. There are also 800 on black vinyl. 

Before I bought this LP, the only other White Hills album I had was the s/t from 2010. I loved it! So when I heard they were releasing their debut 'No Game to Play' on vinyl, I jumped at the chance. It was a surprise to me that Dave W Recorded this album by himself before Ego Sensation came on board. The album starts off with what sounds like an Arab boy belting out a chant which eases nicely into a wonderful baseline that continues throughout the song. Dave layers the rest of the song with a repetitive chorus and fuzzed up guitars. The end melts effortlessly into the second song 'Above All' and straight into the epic 8 minutes spaced out synth soundscape of 'They've got Blood Like You've got Blood'. It picks up the pace again with 'coming For You' like a rocket being cast into orbit! The following couple of songs give a sense of being in outer space drifting into the unknown. This album sounds very much like a soundtrack to a film I'd very much like to watch!


  1. Thanks Lano! Added your site to my blog. Great to see you again! (Rob / djraf2003)

  2. Never heard of them, but I like this cut a lot and will be investigating further. Great stuff Iano1.

    1. Try their s/t album. Probably my favourite.