Friday, 17 February 2017

Vinyl Friday

Name: Minami Deutsch
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Album: Self titled
Year: 2015 (repress 2016)
Links: Bandcamp
Label: Cardinal Fuzz (repress Gurugurubrain)

Minami Deutsch - Self Titled

For this weeks Vinyl Friday post , we are heading over to Japan. I never thought for a million years that I'd be championing the great music coming out of Japan with such bands as Kikagaku Moyo, Sunday's & Cybele, Bo Ningen amungst others. I'll be talking about them at a later stage but for this week it's all about Minami Deutsch. A four piece band from Tokyo who are inspired by all things Krautrock by listening to such bands as Can and NEU! This album being their self titled debut album.

Minami Deutsch - Vocalism Ai - Forever Takemitsu

This album was originally released by Cardinal Fuzz in 2015 in a white cover as opposed to the 2016 Gurugurubrain release which was black. Gurugurubrain are a Japanese label that has some outstanding bands associated with them, bands like Kikakaku Moyo, Sunday's & Cybele, Dhidalah and Hu-Hai. 

Minami Deutsch - Sunrise, Sunset

The Gurugurubrain copy that I have is limited to 150 copies on cream vinyl. All copies have since sold out. The Cardinal Fuzz release has two extra live songs on it. It is limited to 500 copies on white vinyl and has also since sold out.

They haven't had many other releases except a split 7" single with Hog. Hopefully they will give us some new material this year with a 2 year absence. Psych bands don't don't tend to hang around.

Full Album


  1. A fantastic album. 'Sunrise, Sunset' was one of my most played tunes of last year. I didn't know much about the band, so it's good learn a bit of the background (I think you introduced me to the brilliant Kikakaku Moyo via a comment on another blog - I'm in your debt). I also have a Minami Deutsch single on Höga Nord, 'Tunnel' b/w 'New Pastoral Life'. What's the split single called? I can't find any reference to it.

    1. Sorry that was my mistake with the split notion. I was talking about the one you mentioned. The House In The Tall Grass is an outstanding album by Kikagaku Moyo. I've bought another two of their albums since. One more to get. They can be a bit pricey with the low numbers pressed. Have you checked Sunday's & Cybele yet? Check out the album Heaven. They also have a new album out next week on the Beyond, beyond is Beyond label. Their debut album is on the Gurugurubrain label