Friday, 10 February 2017

Vinyl Friday

Name: Kill West
Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Album: Smoke Beach
Year: 2015
Links: Bandcamp
Label: Echo Beach Records

Clear vinyl with Smoke Limited to 200

Yes folks, it's that time of the week you've all been waiting for!! Vinyl Friday is back, sharing a tasty slab of wax and the music ain't so bad either! This week I'm going to go for an Argentinian band that Robster over at Is This The Life? spoke about on his world musical journey around the world. The band in question is Kill West. The band consists of 5 members who love all things reverb. Actually, in my opinion they sound like a stoned version of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Nothing wrong with that I say! Others describe them resting alongside the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine.

Kill West - Neon Cross

They released their first EP on the debut release of Drone Rock Records in 2014. This was released to critical acclaim through all psych circles. Kill West wanted to release their debut album with them as well but DRR felt they didn't want their first two releases to be by the same band. The band decided to go with Echo Drug Records instead. The debut album "Smoke Beach" was released in 2015. For me, this was my favorite album of that year.

Kill West - Signs

Kill West recently released another EP with Drone Rock Record called "Raw Desire", which I highly recommend. I anticipate there will be a follow up to their debut to be released this year and a possible European tour.

Kill West - Smoke Beach (full Album)


  1. Good stuff. And thanks for the montion...

  2. More stirring stuff. Your neighbours must be very tolerant, or deaf! I wound up buying the Shooting Guns album you recommended last week and the way things are shaping up I doubt that it'll be the last time you cost me money. Keep 'em comin'.

  3. Nothing as good as a good recommendation! I get recommended great stuff on a daily basis! I'll have you broke in no time!!