Friday, 3 February 2017

Vinyl Friday

Name: Shooting Guns
Origin: Saskatoon, Canada
Album: Born To Deal In Magic 1952​-​1976
Year: 2011 (Reissue 2016)
Links: Bandcamp
Label: Teargas Recording Tree (Reissue Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha Record)

Oxblood with black swirl vinyl

This weeks Vinyl Friday post features one of a number of great bands coming out of Canada at the moment, bands such as The Band Who's Name Is A SymbolHawkeyes and Moths & Locusts to name but a few. All of which will feature at some stage in the future. The band in question for today's post is Shooting Guns which rests beautifully in between the other bands mentioned. The album in question is Born To Deal In Magic 1952​-​1976. This debut album was originally recorded in 2011 but the vinyl copy I have is a 2016 reissue from the  Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha Record labels.

Shooting Guns - Harmonic Stepphenwolf

For people like me who are relatively new to the whole psychedelic scene, reissues give me a chance to delve into Shooting Guns earlier works and see how they have developed as a band. Like a lot of instrumental bands, the songs are often improvised. Not with this band! It is very measured in it's song structure. For example in the opening track "Harmonic Stepphenwolf". The song starts off with a guitar riff and continues throughout. It builds with intermittent layering of sound effects, be it with additional guitars, synth loop effects or a change of pace etc. Shooting Guns have mastered this technique to perfection throughout. Each song crafted entirely differently which gives for a complete album. This is one of those albums were you will find yourself nodding your head, foot tapping, or like me, both!! 

Born To Deal In Magic 1952​-​1976 (Full album)

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  1. Blown away for the second week running - a staggering racket. I note that the band have a substantial body of work available to check out on their Bandcamp page. That's tomorrow's listening taken care of then.