Friday, 16 June 2017

Vinyl Friday

Name: Shooting Guns
Origin: Saskatchewan, Canada
Album: Flavour Country
Year: 2017
Links: Bandcamp,
Label: Easy Riding Records

 Shooting Guns - Flavour Country Test Press

This week I have something a bit special! This I set before you is a Test Press of the forthcoming album by Shooting Guns that is not due for release until August.

 I have mentioned them here a few times before. They are a Canadian psych band that holds up in Saskatchewan. They have released a number of albums, split LPs and a score to a film, Wolf Cop. I believe there is a sequel to come in the not to distant future.

Getting back to the future release Flavour Country. The label put up 40 of these test presses for release a couple of weeks ago. I believe they still have a few. They can be got here at Easy Riding Records

Here's what the label says about the release, "Canadian sextet Shooting Guns is known (and oft-nominated) for their film soundtrack work, but Flavour Country is more like a collection of anthems for your jettison from this universe into the multiverse. While they’re known for heavy and saturated sounds befitting crazed horror-comedy flicks like Netflix hit WolfCop, Flavour Country features some of the band’s fastest, heaviest and most visceral material to date. Yet, it also features some of the band’s most atmospheric sounds as well.

At times there are slight hints of Ennio Morricone’s Spaghetti Western twang amidst the looping Meddle-era Pink Floyd heavy psych and driving drone reminiscent of Bobby Beausoleil’s belladonna laced soundtrack to Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising. But for the most part here, Shooting Guns is out for blood, regardless of tempo."

I've had 3 listens to it now and I'm not exaggerating that it's right up there with their finest. I can't post up any YouTube clip cause I have this that early. You will not be disappointed if you ever get a chance to grab a copy!

You can preorder black or the limited Clear vinyl from Easy Riding Records or I believe Norman Records will have them for sale at some stage. Just had a look at their site and they have two of their albums on vinyl for sale at £12.99. Bargain if you ask me!


  1. Great score for your collection Iano1! The test press is a bit out of my price range, particularly when you factor shipping into the equation, but I checked out the brief tune available on Bandcamp and it sounds well up to par.